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Maryland Marijuana DUI Lawyer

DUI with Marijuana? We can help.

Though the laws surrounding the possession of marijuana are changing, driving under the influence of any controlled or illegal substance still carries harsh penalties.

The penalties for driving under the influence of marijuana are going to rival those of alcohol, that is to say, you’re still going to face the same kind of punishments you would in a more traditional DUI. Though there will be significant differences in your case, the harsh reality is the same.

Maryland Marijuana DUI Lawyer

Marijuana Possession in Maryland

In 2014, the possession of 10 grams of marijuana or less was decriminalized in the state of Maryland. If you are caught with 10 grams of marijuana or less in Maryland, and you are not part of the medical marijuana program, you will face a $100 fine for your first offense.

The crime is considered a civil offense and carries no jail time. However, larger amounts of the drug in your possession or the intent to distribute, are still criminal offenses are are punished accordingly.

That being said, driving under the influence of marijuana is different. You will be treated as if you are driving under the influence of alcohol even though this is a non-alcohol related DUI offense. You may lose your license, owe fines, and possibly be sent to jail. So, needless to say, if you find yourself in this situation, you need to contact a Maryland marijuana DUI attorney.

The Big Difference Between an Alcohol DUI and a Marijuana DUI

The biggest difference when it comes to handling a DUI for marijuana is at the arrest. The police officer who stopped you will have to prove you were under the influence of marijuana at the time of your arrest.

This is because, as of August 2018, there is no definitive test to determine whether or not a person is under the influence of marijuana at that exact moment. This is why it’s even more important to have a qualified Maryland DUI attorney on your side to protect you.

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Will I Lose My License?

You might. Depending on the type of license you have and whether or not you are convicted, your license may be suspended or even revoked depending on the circumstances of your charges. However, even being charged with a DUI can result in the suspension of your license, which can affect your life substantially.

Will I Lose My Job?

It depends on your job. At the time of your arrest, the police officer will confiscate your license and provide you with a paper license that you can use until your MVA Hearing. However, for people who hold commercial driver’s licenses, also known as CDLs, this will not replace the license you need to do your job. So, until the charges are cleared, you will not be able to work. Getting on the phone with a lawyer as soon as humanly possible is essential for your continued employment.

Am I Going to Jail?

You might. If you are found guilty of a DUI, particularly if this is your second or third offense, you may face jail time. One possible outcome of DUI court proceedings, a Probation Before Judgment, can be sought. If you are able to secure a PBJ, you will be able to avoid going to jail.