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Towson, MD Traffic Tickets Lawyer

Getting a ticket is a burden whether it’s for speeding, rolling through a stop sign, or any other moving violation. Anytime you commit a traffic violation, you run the risk of getting pulled over, and when you get a ticket—depending on its severity—you may need a Towson, MD Traffic Tickets Lawyer.

Fines and license points can have serious implications for your future. If left unattended these points and fines, can cause long-term damage to your driving record. What you need is a Towson, MD traffic lawyer to help you reduce or drop the penalties.

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Experienced Towson, MD Traffic Tickets Lawyer

As a top-rated traffic lawyer in Towson, MD, The Law Office of Ross W. Albers has extensive experience in helping clients with traffic court. We can help with all of your traffic court cases in Towson, MD including:

What Should I Do When I Get Pulled Over in Towson, MD?

If you’ve been pulled over, here are some simple steps to follow to make the process as smooth as possible and reduce added stress or consequences.

  • Pull Over Safely – Once you see those lights flashing, it’s time to pull over and address the problem. The key here is to pull over into a place that is safe for both you and the officer. If you need to drive a little further to find a safe location, you can turn on your hazards to signal to the police officer you have acknowledged their presence.
  • Turn Off the Car and Roll Down the Window – Once you find a safe place, you should pull over and turn off your car. Roll the down the window and wait for instructions.
  • Keep Your Hands on the Wheel and Breathe – While you wait, you may be tempted to rush to find your license and registration, but you should just wait. Traffic stops can be quite dangerous for police officers and thus, they tend to be on alert when they pull people over. Don’t give them a reason to escalate the situation.
  • Keep It Short and Sweet – Even if you’re not getting arrested, anything you say and do can be used against you in a court of law. That is to say, avoid leading questions that may lead to admitting your guilt. Apologize for your behavior and be as polite as possible.
  • Know Your Options – In the event an officer gives you a ticket, you have a couple of options. You can pay the fine and accept the points that will be put on your license, or you can fight the charges. If you choose to accept the charges, the points on your license will only be valid and cumulative for 2 years. Insurance companies will be able to see them for 3 years. Fighting the charges in court is a much better option for you.

What Can I Do to Fight My Traffic Ticket?

If you received a ticket in Towson, Maryland, then you can go to traffic court and fight the charges. As of January 1st 2018, you will need to notify the District Court of your decision to go to trial. In the past, you had a court date set up automatically, but this is no longer the case. You now need to set one up specifically with the court. There will be a box to check on your ticket labeled “Request a Trial” that you will want to check.

You should then sign, date, and send your ticket to the District Court Traffic Processing Center. Then, you will be given a date to attend an arraignment where you will plead “guilty” or “not guilty”. Once your plea has been made, you will be given a trial date.

Unlike criminal trials, you will not be given a lawyer. This means you will have to represent yourself in court if you do not hire a Maryland traffic ticket dismissal attorney.

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We can help argue for your rights in court so you don’t have to face the judge alone. We have a wealth of experience helping clients just like you, so don’t hesitate to apply for a free consultation.