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A Quick Guide to Implied Consent

Category: Maryland DUI
August 15, 2018

Consent is an important topic in today’s society, but today we’re talking specifically about what “implied consent” means in the context of a DUI charge. What is Implied Consent? Implied consent is consent that isn’t given explicitly, but is implied by the context or circumstances of the moment. For example, let’s say that you’re at […]


4 Common Misconceptions About Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

Category: Maryland Personal Injury
June 5, 2018

It’s never a good idea to try and deal with the aftermath of an accident on your own. Hiring a personal injury lawyer can be beneficial to you in many ways. If you were not at fault in the accident, a lawyer can help you get the money you need to cover your medical costs […]


Supreme Court considers whether warrantless breath test requires a search warrant in Maryland DUI arrest

Category: Maryland DUI,Maryland DWI
April 21, 2016

Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in the warrantless breath test cases of Birchfield v. North Dakota, 136 S.Ct. 614 (2015), Bernard v. Minnesota, 136 S.Ct. 615 (2015), and Beylund v. Levi, 136 S.Ct. 614 (2015). The issue before the Supreme Court is whether a state can criminalize a refusal to submit to a warrantless breathalyzer.  In layman’s terms, penalizing a […]


Stingray Cellphone Surveillance Evidence Ruled Unconstitutional

Category: Maryland Criminal Defense
April 3, 2016

Maryland Criminal Defense Lawyers have identified as many as 200 people who were sent to prison based on cellphone surveillance evidence used by police that the Maryland Court of Specials Appeals has now ruled was obtained illegally. Maryland’s court is the first to require a warrant for covert cellphone tracking. Maryland Cellphone Surveillance Requires Search Warrant The […]


U.S. Supreme Court Almost Answers Question About Underfunded Public Defender System

Category: Maryland Criminal Defense
April 1, 2016

Does America’s underfunded public defender system meet the Sixth Amendment’s standards for adequate legal counsel? In a 5-3 decision in Luis v. United States, the U.S. Supreme Court came close to asking and answering that question in a case that had nothing to do with public defenders. Sila Luis was indicted for federal health-care fraud, […]


Know your Maryland DUI rights on St. Patrick’s Day

Category: Maryland DUI,Maryland DWI
March 16, 2016

If you are pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol on Thursday, then it is important to know your St. Patrick’s Day DUI rights. After you are pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving, the police officer will request that you take the standard field sobriety tests. What are the Maryland DUI standard field […]


Ready for Trial: Law Enforcement Compliment

Category: Maryland Criminal Defense,Maryland DUI,Maryland DWI
March 9, 2016

A law enforcement compliment can be a hard thing to come by for a Maryland criminal defense attorney. But, in the last week, we have had two Maryland police officers give us law enforcement compliments after standing by our firms’ mantra: Ready for trial! The courts and prosecutors treat you differently when you are: Ready […]


Can I get my Maryland DUI case thrown out?

Category: Maryland DUI,Maryland DWI
March 6, 2016

Want your Maryland DUI case thrown out?  Carroll County DUI Attorney Ross W. Albers has the experience to litigate your driving while impaired case.  Your DUI case should be litigated.  That’s the only way to get your Maryland DUI case thrown out. Maryland DWI police report is wrong. Can I get my DUI thrown out? […]


Don’t Answer Police DUI Questions After You Are Stopped

Category: Maryland DUI,Maryland DWI
June 4, 2015

Don’t answer police DUI questions after your are pulled over.  Be police and courteous, but know that every question you answer is just building the driving under the influence case against you in Carroll County, Maryland. The police officer’s lights just lit up in your rear view mirror.  Now, you’re pulled over on the side […]


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