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A Quick Guide to Implied Consent

Category: Maryland DUI
August 15, 2018

Consent is an important topic in today’s society, but today we’re talking specifically about what “implied consent” means in the context of a DUI charge. What is Implied Consent? Implied consent is consent that isn’t given explicitly, but is implied by the context or circumstances of the moment. For example, let’s say that you’re at […]


What Do You Do When You Slip and Fall in a Restaurant?

Category: Maryland Personal Injury
August 8, 2018

Restaurants are highly hectic environments that can be quite hazardous. Between the servers racing about and fellow diners, it’s easy to see why restaurants can get out of control. Sometimes, people are working so quickly that drinks or food can spill onto the floor and it might be some time before it gets cleaned up. […]


5 Things to Know about the Stet docket in Maryland

Category: Uncategorized
May 10, 2018

If you’ve never heard of the stet docket before, you might believe it has no relevance to you. But if you ever find yourself in a traffic or criminal case, it’s important to understand what it is. Here are 5 things you should know about the Maryland Stet Docket: #1 –  Stet is a Latin […]


Cease and Desist Letters

Category: Maryland Business Law
December 5, 2017

A Cease and Desist Letter can be used for various reasons. Although the exact purpose of the letter may be different, the goals are the same. The letters are from one person to another, asking them to cease or stop whatever action that is in question, and desist or not start the action again. No […]


Tips for Hiring a Columbia, MD DUI Lawyer

Category: Maryland DUI
May 26, 2017

If you’re being presenting with a life-changing DUI case, you want the best possible representation in court. With having experience on both sides of the court-room as a Maryland Prosecutor, and a public defender, The Law Offices of Ross Albers knows what to look for when hiring a Columbia, MD DUI lawyer. Here are some […]


A Maryland Personal Injury Lawsuit starts with three simple words: You’ve Been Served!

Category: Maryland Car Accidents,Maryland Personal Injury,Maryland Wrongful Death
March 25, 2016

Service of process. That’s what happens after you initiate a car accident lawsuit by filing a complaint.  You must serve the at-fault driver and any other interested parties with your personal injury lawsuit. What is service of process? To eventually be able to collect money from the negligent driver in an auto accident case, the at-fault driver […]


What are Personal Injury Damages?

Category: Maryland Car Accidents,Maryland Personal Injury,Maryland Wrongful Death
January 8, 2015

Personal injury damages are the final element of negligence.  Remember, negligence requires: (1) a duty, (2) a breach of the duty, (3) causation, and (4) damages.  Personal injury damages include a lot of different expenses, losses and injuries. As always, we start with the jury instructions to educate us on what can be recover as […]


What is Personal Injury Causation?

Category: Maryland Car Accidents,Maryland Personal Injury,Maryland Wrongful Death
January 5, 2015

Personal injury causation is an element in Maryland negligence cases.  Negligence is composed of: (1) duty, (2) breach of duty, (3) causation, and (4) damages. In order to prove your personal injury case, it’s important to understand what the jury is going to be told by the judge.  That’s why I always return to the […]


What is Personal Injury Negligence?

Category: Maryland Car Accidents,Maryland Personal Injury,Maryland Wrongful Death
January 1, 2015

Personal injury negligence is just one of the various elements of proving your Carroll County auto accident case in court.  The insurance companies will stop at nothing to prevent you from receiving fair and reasonable compensation by disputing their insured’s negligent act. It’s important to understand the Maryland personal injury negligence instructions first to understand what the […]


Always Sue MAIF

Category: Maryland Car Accidents,Maryland Personal Injury
December 30, 2014

Always sue MAIF if you have been injured by the negligence of their insured.  If you are a Maryland personal injury attorney and sending demand packages to MAIF, stop wasting your time! No Demand Package.  Always Sue MAIF! The Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund (MAIF) does not offer fair value on claims unless you file suit. […]


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