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Rogue and Vagabond Charges in Maryland

Category: Maryland Criminal Defense
May 7, 2019

Rogue and vagabond charges are those related to any theft or intended theft of a motor vehicle or the contents in or on a motor vehicle. This weird charge with a weirder name can be somewhat confusing and convoluted and even comes with a hefty sentence. If you’ve been charged with rogue and vagabond, seek […]


Adults can be liable for minors who get drunk in their homes

Category: Maryland Car Accidents,Maryland Criminal Defense,Maryland Personal Injury
July 5, 2016

On Tuesday, Maryland’s highest court held adults liable for drunk minors in their home. Adults liable for drunk minors Adults who knowingly let minors get drunk at their homes may be exposed to lawsuits if the drunk minor gets hurt or hurts someone else. The Court of Appeals ruled that criminal laws making it illegal for adults […]


Arrested in Carroll County? Consider these Carroll County Arrest Tips!

Category: Maryland Criminal Defense
May 17, 2016

Criminal charges in Carroll County are serious matters that can jeopardize your freedom and future. But, if you consider following these Carroll County arrest tips, then your case may be properly managed and prepared for court. Top 5 Carroll County Arrest Tips If you have been arrested in Carroll County and charged with a crime, then […]


Officer Nero selects bench trial over jury trial

Category: Maryland Criminal Defense
May 11, 2016

Baltimore City Police Officer Edward M. Nero decided to stand trial before a judge, rather than a jury.  The bench trial will begin Thursday morning in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City. Officer Nero is one of three bicycle officers involved in Freddie Gray’s initial detention and arrest. Officer Nero plead not guilty to misdemeanor […]


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