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How much does a Maryland DUI Lawyer cost?

Category: Maryland DUI,Maryland DWI
July 27, 2016

DUI attorneys bill differently than personal injury attorneys.  They usually require a deposit up front before they will enter their appearance in your case.  How much a Maryland DUI Lawyer cost will be depends on a number of factors. Determining a DUI Lawyer cost How much they will charge for the entire case, however, will depend […]


Carroll County Maryland Auto Accident Attorney Fees

Category: Maryland Car Accidents,Maryland Personal Injury,Maryland Wrongful Death
February 28, 2016

Auto accident attorney fees are different than many other attorney fees.  Typically, auto accident attorney fees are paid on a contingency basis. How are Auto Accident Attorney Fees Calculated? A Carroll County auto accident client pays a contingent fee to their personal injury lawyer only if the lawyer handles the case successfully.  Meaning, if your […]


Maryland DUI Attorney Payment Plan

Category: Maryland DUI,Maryland DWI
October 17, 2015

The Law Office of Ross W. Albers offers a DUI attorney payment plan to its clients because we understand a DUI is an expected financial expense. A DWI arrest can be expense after you request a MVA hearing, hire a DWI lawyer, install the interlock, start an alcohol assessment and attend classes, pay fines and […]


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