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How long after a Maryland automobile accident can you wait to go to the doctor?

Should I get medical treatment after a Carroll County car accident?  Yes!

Should I get medical treatment after being injured in a car accident?

About eight days ago I was rear ended. The damage to both vehicles was minor.  When the accident first happened I felt fine.  However, now I have stiffness in my neck.  Have I wait too long to go to the doctor for this accident?

It’s never too late to go the doctor if you aren’t feeling well.

However, whether or not the doctor will causally relate your injuries to the automobile accident is a different question.

Should I get medical treatment? Are my injuries related to the accident?

In order to recovery money for automobile accident injuries, your injuries must be causally related to the accident.

It’s not uncommon for people to be in a minor fender-bender and feel fine immediately after the accident, but start to feel sore days later.

The longer you wait, the more skeptical the other driver’s insurance company will be about your injuries.  “Toughing it out” is both bad for your health and for your Maryland personal injury case.

If you have personal injury insurance (PIP) and/or medical payment insurance (Med Pay), then your medical bills will be covered regardless if the other driver’s insurance accepts or denies your claim.

Bottom line, go see a doctor immediately and hire a Maryland personal injury attorney.  You need to focus on your health and your Carroll County car accident attorney will deal with other driver’s insurance company.

Should I get medical treatment? Consult a Car Accident Lawyer.

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