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Reducing chiropractic bills before settlement

Many personal injury attorneys will ask chiropractors to reduce their outstanding medical bills to increase their client’s settlement.  Perhaps, attorneys should consider reducing their fee first, or fight for a larger settlement, before asking treating chiropractors to cut their bills.

Chiropractors are small business owners

Many of the chiropractors that our office works with are small business owners.  Their fees for service are fair and reasonable.  Reducing their fee really hurts their bottom line.

The majority of our car accident clients are worried about their medical bills being paid after a car accident.  They don’t want to be stuck with any medical bills for something that wasn’t their fault.

These same clients might be surprised to learn that their personal injury attorney didn’t pay their treating chiropractor in full.  Instead, the attorney asked the chiropractor to reduce their outstanding bills by 20-60%!  How is this fair when the attorney is still taking their one-third fee?

The Law Office of Ross W. Albers is committed to getting you the best possible settlement for your personal injury case and paying your local family chiropractor in full.  Our firm would rather reduce our fee than not pay the chiropractor you trust to treat you and your family.

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