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Commercial real estate, like residential real estate, can be a complex and difficult process to navigate. If you’re looking to purchase or sell a property for the sake of commercial use, you need a lawyer on your side to ensure all steps in the process are handled appropriately. An Essex, Maryland Commercial Real Estate Lawyer can help you.

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Here at the Law Office of Ross W. Albers, we have extensive experience with commercial real estate law. As a top-rated Maryland commercial real estate lawyer, We can help you with the following types commercial real estate litigation in Essex, MD:

  • Landlord – Tenant Issues
  • Purchase and Sale of Commercial Property
  • Property Lines
  • Zoning Disputes
  • Co-Ownership Agreements
  • Insurance Claims
  • And More!

Undisclosed Issues with a Commercial Property in Essex, MD

Whether you own a retail store or you need space for your office, obtaining commercial property and making sure it is safe for use, is important. If you have leased a property with undisclosed conditions, or restrictions then the person who sold you the property may be in violation of disclosure laws. In that same vein, if the property was the site of a crime, death, or suicide, you have a right to know.

After all, the location of your business can have a direct impact on the success of said business. If your property has underlying issues which make it unsafe or undesirable, your livelihood could be directly affected. You will need the help of a Essex, Maryland commercial real estate attorney to obtain justice.

Do You Have a Tenant That Has Violated the Terms of the Lease?

Landlord-tenant disputes can result in hardship for both parties. If a tenant damages your property, you may be entitled to seek damages from them using their security deposit. However, if the damage goes beyond the scope of the security deposit, you may need legal help to address your next step.

You may also seek legal action if the business renting your property was not honest about their intended use of the property. In the event you choose to evict your tenant, hiring a Commercial Property Lawyer will make the process smoother and cut down on potential losses for your business.

The Law Office of Ross W. Albers Can Help You

Are you looking for a lawyer to help you handle problems with your commercial real estate problems? Attorney Ross W. Albers can help you settle disputes, handle sales, and address tenancy problems. Contact us today for a free consultation and we can walk you through the next step in your process. Don’t go into your next deal without a commercial real estate lawyer in Essex, Maryland. 

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