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Maryland Tax Lien Services

We understand the complex issues faced by investors considering, or actively engaged in, the purchase of tax liens. The experienced Maryland tax lien attorneys at the Law Office of Ross W. Albers are here to help you through this process. We can guide you through the entire tax lien process, from assisting with pre-tax sale due diligence and developing a foreclosure strategy to maximize your investment, to litigating the foreclosure action and advising you on REO properties.

When going through such a complicated process, it helps to have expert legal advice to limit your risk and maximize your investment.

Maryland Tax Lien Services

Pre-Tax Sale Services & Due Diligence

For our clients, risk management begins before a tax lien certificate is ever purchased. As a comprehensive Maryland tax lien portfolio manager, we help our clients invest with confidence by reviewing many different property data points, to determine which liens should be purchased and which liens should be avoided. We assemble and provide you with the important data for a property, which, if necessary, can include recent photos of the property. If you decide that you are interested in purchasing the tax lien certificate for a property, we will help guide you through the Maryland tax sale bidding process.

Foreclosure Litigation

The tax lien foreclosure process is complicated and wrought with statutory requirements. Working with an experienced Maryland tax lien lawyer will help you navigate these proceedings with confidence. As a leading tax lien specialist in Maryland, we have extensive experience in handling all types of complicated issues that may arise during a foreclosure proceeding, to ensure that your judgment results in marketable title.

Once the foreclosure proceedings are complete and you have obtained a judgment, we can help you draft, obtain, and record the deed. We can even help you obtain title insurance for your new property.

Alternatively, if your tax lien happens to redeem during the foreclosure proceedings, we can help ensure that you quickly receive your refund from the tax office.

Maryland REO Services

REO Services

Beyond our legal expertise, we offer access to an extensive network of partners who can help with all the necessary REO services, including occupancy checks, property inspections, Condo/HOA fees, property preservation, and payment of municipal fines that may have been incurred.

Looking for marketing and sales help for your new property? We can recommend some of the most successful real estate agents and brokers in our network to help you maximize your property’s value.

If your business day-to-day operations prevent you from coming to one of our offices in Westminster, Essex, Columbia, or Frederick, then we will come to you! Evening and weekend consultations are available, too.


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