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How to Document a Maryland Car Accident

Experience a Car Accident in Maryland? Know Your Rights

From dangerous collisions to fender benders, Maryland drivers may at some point find themselves involved in a car collision. Immediately following a car accident there are several things you should do to ensure that you properly document the accident. This is to protect you when filing an insurance claim and also to prepare your case for litigation if the accident results in any kind of follow up court case.Ross W. Albers is a former insurance adjuster, and knows what to do. He can help you document your Maryland car accident, and can protect you in future court cases and in issues with your insurance company.


Don’t Panic, Remain Composed

Being in a car accident is stressful, and in the moments following it you’re going to be filled with adrenaline and endorphins. Even though your heart will be racing, you still need to remain calm. Take a deep breath and then focus on your next steps. If you have any kind of injury, then you should seek medical assistance immediately, no matter how small you think the injury may be. If you’re not injured then you need to document everything you can, and keep in mind that anything you say or do can be used against you at a later time.

Take as Many Pictures as You Can

These days everyone has a camera on their phone. Take advantage of your phone’s camera function and document the following with pictures:

  • The license plate of the other car involved
  • The driver’s license and insurance cards of the other driver
  • The damage to BOTH vehicles
  • The immediate intersection and any traffic signs around you

Document The Circumstances

Take time to write down the following details as they are critical to your insurance claim and any other court issues regarding your accident. If you have a phone, you may want to take down these notes either as a “note” or as a text to yourself.

  • Who was Driving the Other Car
  • The exact time and location of the accident
  • What led to the accident
  • What Speed were you driving
  • Road conditions at the time of the accident
  • Distractions that may have been involved (texting)
  • Anything the other driver says to you
  • Were there witnesses
  • Was anyone injured

If you are involved in a car accident in Maryland, especially in Carroll County, Howard County, or the surrounding areas, your next steps may need to involve contacting a lawyer. Ross W. Albers has experience as an insurance adjuster in the state of Maryland and has worked with some of Carroll and Howard County, Maryland’s most complicated car accident cases. Albers & Associates will focus on helping you receive the best possible outcome if you are injured in a car accident or are fighting with difficult insurance companies. Contact his offices located in either Westminster, MD or Columbia, Maryland to request a consultation.

Personal Injury FAQ

What Qualifies as 'Serious' Personal Injury?

A case is categorized as a serious personal injury if any of the following resulted from the accident:

  • Severe brain trauma
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • 3rd degree burns
  • Any injury that causes serious and long-term disfigurement

What is a Wrongful Death Accident?

Our attorneys can successfully get you the compensation you deserve in a wrongful death case, which is when a loved one has died due to the carelessness or negligence of another person involved. Spouses, life partners, children, and other family members of the deceased can be entitled to recover damages for both emotional and financial loss.

Who is Liable for a Car Accident in Maryland?

Finding the person at fault in a car accident comes down to proving negligence on one or both sides of the equation. Whether you’re another driver or a pedestrian, you will need a lawyer to come to your defense. Because the state of Maryland employs a contributory negligence rule, your entire case will be at risk if the opposing counsel can prove that you were negligent in anyway.