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Maryland Route 27 Fatal Crash

Maryland Route 27 fatal crash reports can take months to complete according to the Maryland State Police.

Recently, there have been two fatal crashes on Maryland Route 27 in Carroll County.  The first occurred on February 19, after a tractor-trailer and vehicle collided at Kate Wagner and Chapel roads.  The second occurred on February 20 near Kimberly James Court.

Maryland Route 27 Fatal Crash Reports

Fatal crash reports can take months to be finished.  In some cases, it can take a year for the investigation to be completed, including charges from the Carroll County State’s Attorney’s Office.

First, the crash team arrives on the scene of a crash and starts looking for evidence that will help them understand what happened.  The team will take data from the scene to make a diagram and try to reconstruct the automobile collision.  Next, investigators also look to get information from the automobiles to determine the speed of the vehicles and what’s happening inside the vehicles.  Finally, the crash team will subpoena documents and interview the passengers and witnesses.

Once the crash team’s investigation is complete, the report is turned over to the Carroll County State’s Attorney’s Office.  Prosecutors use that information to determine if charges are needed.

Maryland Route 27 Fatal Crash leads to safety concerns

The Maryland State Highway Administration also conducts an investigation on the intersection after a fatal crash.

At the intersection of Kate Wagner Road and Md. 27, there is a large billboard.  Additionally, Kate Wagner and Chapel roads have hills on either side of the intersection with Maryland Route 27.  After the fatal crashes, members of the community raised concerns about the billboard, as well as blinking intersection lights.

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