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Insurance Tricking You Into a PIP Waiver

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is a type of insurance that covers your medical bills and lost wages after you are injured in a car accident.

Many clients come to our office after a car accident and believe that have PIP insurance.  However, we often find that they have unknowingly waived the coverage.

Thought you had PIP? No so fast!

Here’s what happening.  You’re going online to purchase automobile insurance because it just takes “15 minutes.”  You opt to have PIP insurance.  But, when the documents are sent to you to e-sign, included in the package is a PIP waiver form!

So, while you thought you had PIP insurance, you really opted out of it.

This is why it is important to work with a local insurance agent.  They will make sure that you get the type of insurance that you want.  Additionally, they will help you understand how much insurance you should have.  Finally, good insurance agents won’t let you sign up for the minimum policy limits of $30,000.00/$60,000.00.

If you want PIP, then an insurance agent will make sure you don’t sign a PIP waiver.

Want can you do?  Call your insurance company today and verify that you have PIP.  Or, better yet, seek out a local insurance agent and schedule a consultation to review your coverage.  You should do this every year as your circumstances will change from year-to-year.

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