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Following a DUI or DWI arrest, the MVA will move to suspend your license. Within 10 days, you will need to seek a hearing with them to dispute the suspension of your license and hopefully come to a favorable conclusion. To ensure that you’re making the best effort you can with the best potential for success, you need a trusted Maryland MVA Hearing Lawyer in Essex, MD. Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place.

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Is an MVA Hearing the Same as a Court Case?

Thankfully, an MVA Hearing is often much simpler than a full scale court case. The only people present will be you, your lawyer, the administrative judge, and any witnesses you decide you want to have testify. The arresting officer may be summoned in some hearings, but it all depends on the nature of your arrest.

Over the course of the hearing, your charges will be examined and evidence will be presented in the form of a previously created report. After the report is presented, you and your lawyer can make your case. After you have said your piece, the administrative judge will then make their decision. Following that your decision, your lawyer may try to negotiate a more favorable outcome for your license.

Will Your License Actually Be Suspended?

Whether or not your license is actually suspended depends on the outcome of the hearing and the outcome of the hearing depends on the nature of your crime. For example, if you blew over a .15 when you took the field sobriety test, then your chances of walking away with no effects on your license might be slim. On the other hand, if this is your first offense, you blew relatively low, and your driving record is otherwise spotless, your chances will be much better. You may be able to obtain a restricted license where you can still travel to and from work or apply for the ignition interlock program so that you can keep everything moving.

No matter what, going into one of these hearings without a trusted Maryland MVA Hearing Lawyer is setting yourself up for the worst possible outcome. Attorney Albers can negotiate with the administrative judge for you, build your case, and then represent you in court later on when you need it. A DUI is serious, but when you have a trusted legal professional on y our side, you can ensure that one bad decision doesn’t define the rest of your life.

The Law Office of Ross W. Albers is Your DUI Resource

Whether this is your first DUI or you’ve been here before, Ross W. Albers is your best bet for a favorable outcome. His experience and expertise in the field will ensure that your case is handled with compassion and respect. Contact us today to set up a free consultation to go over the details of your case. A DUI conviction can drastically change the course of your life, so don’t leave your case to chance. Work with a lawyer who really will go above and beyond for you.

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