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Getting a DUI can often lead to a wide variety of serious consequences for you and your loved ones. However, before the panic sets in, take a deep breath, and get the legal help you need. The Law Office of Ross W. Albers is here to help you with your charges and answer your questions. So, take it from a DUI Lawyer who serves people all over Maryland, including in Mt. Airy, hope is not lost.

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What Kinds of Penalties Will I Face for a DUI in Mt. Airy?

After you’ve been charged with DUI, you will likely face jail time, fines, and the loss or suspension of your license. You may also face social problems, a rise in your insurance rates, and possibly, the loss of your job, depending on what it is. People who hold a CDL, for example, will not be able to work while their case is proceeding and if they are convicted, they will not be able to continue in their profession. If this is your second or third offense, then the penalties you may face will be even harsher than before, even if you were able to get a Probation Before Judgment for your first offense. However, you have options for overcoming these charges and getting your life back on track.

Can You Get a DUI Expunged in Mt. Airy?

If you are convicted of a DUI in Mt. Airy, you cannot get your records of the conviction expunged. Though there are some circumstances where expungement is possible, a conviction will inevitably weigh on your record for the rest of your life.

Hire a Lawyer Who Knows the Stakes

The state of Maryland has been cracking down on DUI cases throughout the state, including in Mt. Airy, and this could mean trouble for you. The stakes are higher than ever for people facing DUI charges in Maryland, but Attorney Ross W. Albers understands your situation. He has the experience you need to fight your charges and come to a favorable outcome in your case.

Not only is he a member of the National College for DUI Defense, Attorney Albers has also been recognized for his achievements in the field of DUI defense by Maryland Super Lawyers on multiple occasions. His experience as a former Baltimore City DUI prosecutor has prepared him to take an aggressive stance on defending his clients.

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If you need help with your DUI case in Mt. Airy, we can help. Attorney Ross W. Albers has been working with people just like you to get their cases resolved favorably and fairly. You don’t have to face this difficult time alone, so contact us today to set up a free consultation today.

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