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Maryland DUI MVA Penalties

If you refuse to take or fail the test to determine your blood alcohol content, then your driver’s license will be confiscated and you will be issued a temporary license for 45 days. If you request an MVA hearing, then your Maryland driver’s license may be eligible for a modified suspension, such as a health, school and work restriction, or installation of the interlock in your vehicle for up to one year.

Maryland DUI MVA Penalties

If you do not request a MVA hearing within 10 days, then your Maryland driving privileges will be suspended as follows:

Blood Alcohol Content: 0.08 – 0.14
1st DUI – 45-day suspension
2nd DUI or more – 90-day suspension

Blood Alcohol Content: 0.15 or more
1st DUI – 90-day suspension
2nd DUI or more – 180-day suspension

Blood Alcohol Content: Refused test
1st DUI – 120-day suspension
2nd DUI or more: 1-year suspension

Maryland MVA Hearing

To determine whether or not your licence will be suspended following your DUI/DWI, you will need to request a hearing to plead your case. Whether you were pulled over in Columbia, Westminster, Essex, or anywhere else in Maryland, you’re going to need a dependable lawyer to get you through this.

In addition to the Carroll County DUI MVA penalties, you could also face Carroll County DUI criminal penalties as a result of your driving under the influence arrest. If your DUI arrest was the result of an accident, there may be even more complex and separate cases and trials.

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