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DUI Work Release

When an individual has prior convictions for drinking and driving in Maryland, jail time is releastic possibility.

However, there are alternatives to jail time such as work release.

What is work release?

The Sheriff’s Office may establish a work release program.  The court may sentence a drunk driver to participate in the work release program.

Typically, a person is eligible for work release if they are sentenced to jail time and have no other charges pending against them.

Work release allows a drunk driver to continue regular employment.  An inmate is allowed to leave the detention center in order to go to work.

However, a person in the work release program must reimburse the detention center for food and lodging.  Yes, that’s correct, you have to pay to go to jail!

If you violate the conditions of the work release program, then you will be removed from the program and ordered to serve the remainder of your jail time.

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