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DUI Victim Impact Panel

If you have been convicted or received a probation before judgment for a DUI in Maryland, then you will likely be required to complete a DWI Victim Impact Panel.

The Victim Impact Panel is an awareness program for offenders convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. The panels consist of a non-confrontational presentation consisting of crime victims telling their own personal stories of how impaired drivers forever changed their lives.

You will be court ordered, by a judge or probation officer, to attend the panel.  Typically, this is done as part of your probation whether it be supervised or unsupervised.

Where you attend the panel will depend on the county of your DUI arrest.  You can find a victim impact panel by following this link: https://www.maddvip.org/.  However, the court or your probation officer usually tells you where to attend your panel.  There is also a fee associated with attending the program and it costs about $50.00.

In Carroll County, the panel is held by Catherine’s Cause.

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