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Difference Between a DUI and a DWI

DUI vs. DWI? Know the Difference.

Though many people use the terms DUI and DWI interchangeably, the reality is each charge can be very different. So what’s the difference? They are both moving violations involving the influence of alcohol or drugs, but a DUI is more severe and commonly means your BAC was over .08%.

Whether you’ve been charged with a DUI or a DWI, you’ll need legal aid to avoid the maximum punishment for your crimes.

Maryland DUI DWI Lawyer

Were you Arrested for a DUI in Maryland?

“DUI” is an acronym that stands for “driving under the influence.” If your blood alcohol content (BAC) is .08% or higher during your arrest, you will be charged with a DUI in Maryland. A DUI is more intense than a DWI and will carry a much higher punishment.

Were you Arrested for a DWI in Maryland?

“DWI” stands for “Driving While Impaired.” If your BAC is between .04% and .07%, then you are below the legal limit for a DUI in Maryland, but you may still be considered impaired. In these instances, it’s possible for you to be charged with a DWI in Maryland.

This charge is often made when there are additional factors in play such as property damage, bodily injury, or an accident. Though you were below the legal limit to drive, you can still face serious penalties for driving while impaired. Penalties can include license suspension, jail time, and fines.

Can You Get a DWI or DUI if Alcohol Is Not Involved?

Yes, you can get a DWI or DUI if alcohol is not involved. If a policeman suspects you of being under the influence of illegal drugs or a controlled substance, then you can still face DUI/DWI charges. This is also true of over the counter drugs which interfere with your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Even if your BAC is 0.0, you can still be charged with a DUI or DWI. This is because a BAC test doesn’t determine if you’re impaired, only how much alcohol is within your system.

Call on a Maryland DUI Attorney if Charged with a DUI/DWI

If you’ve been charged with a DUI or a DWI in the state of Maryland, you may be facing serious legal repercussions. With the help of a lawyer, you can ensure the best possible outcome for your case. Thankfully, The Maryland DUI Lawyers at Albers & Associates are here to help you.

Ross W. Albers has extensive experience in Maryland DUI cases and DWI cases and defends his clients with compassion and determination. If you would like to learn more about Albers & Associates, our qualifications, and how we can help you, give us a call today!


Will I Lose My License?

You might. Depending on the type of license you have and whether or not you are convicted, your license may be suspended or even revoked depending on the circumstances of your charges. However, even being charged with a DUI can result in the suspension of your license, which can affect your life substantially.

Will I Lose My Job?

It depends on your job. At the time of your arrest, the police officer will confiscate your license and provide you with a paper license that you can use until your MVA Hearing. However, for people who hold commercial driver’s licenses, also known as CDLs, this will not replace the license you need to do your job. So, until the charges are cleared, you will not be able to work. Getting on the phone with a lawyer as soon as humanly possible is essential for your continued employment.

Am I Going to Jail?

You might. If you are found guilty of a DUI, particularly if this is your second or third offense, you may face jail time. One possible outcome of DUI court proceedings, a Probation Before Judgment, can be sought. If you are able to secure a PBJ, you will be able to avoid going to jail.