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How to Get Your Traffic Ticket Dismissed

It’s easy to become distracted while driving and not realize you are going over the speed limit, forgetting a turn signal, or have missed a stop sign. Before you pay the fine for your traffic ticket, read on and find out how you can successfully get your ticket dismissed.

traffic ticket dismissed

Your traffic violation, if minor, will likely result in a fine, and possibly points assessed to your driver’s license. What some drivers don’t realize, or take advantage of, is the fact that it’s possible to get the ticket dismissed completely when they choose their other option: contesting the ticket in court.

Why Drivers Avoid Contesting Traffic Tickets

Plenty of drivers simply accept their traffic tickets and pay their fines online. While this is the more convenient option, it may not be the smartest in the long run. When you receive a traffic ticket, there are points added to your driving record, and when these points add up (which doesn’t take long if you receive more than 1-2 tickets within a year), your license can quickly be at risk of suspension.

Why It’s Beneficial to Contest Your Ticket

The MVA in Maryland issues the following for points accumulated due to traffic violations:

  • 3-4 Points = Warning Letter
  • 5-7 Points = Required Enrollment in Driver Improvement Program (DIP)
  • 8-11 Points = Notice of License Suspension
  • 12+ Points = Notice of License Revocation

When you simply pay the fine for your ticket, you are agreeing to have points assessed to your driver’s license. Contesting your ticket with the help of a reliable Maryland defense attorney can not only allow you to have the points dismissed, but can also lower or eliminate the fines associated with your driving violation. It might not be the more convenient of the two options, as your court hearing will be scheduled and you must appear in court, but it’s certainly worthwhile.

We Can Help Get Your Ticket Dismissed

At Albers & Associates, we have helped hundreds of clients in getting desirable outcomes when contesting traffic tickets, DUI charges, personal injury cases, and more. We offer free consultations for legal services in Maryland and are happy to help ensure you receive the aid and assistance you deserve. Contact us today for more information.

Criminal Defense FAQs

Can I Appeal My Criminal Case?

If your case was tried in the District Court of Maryland, you do have the right to an appeal which would result in a brand new trial that doesn’t regard the findings of the initial court that tried your case. You have 30 days from the date of sentencing to appeal a case.

Will the State Appoint Me a Defense Attorney?

You may choose to accept legal assistance from a state-appointed lawyer during your trial. However, working with a criminal defense attorney at Albers & Associates means you’ll receive more personalized and dedicated care from a lawyer who is dedicated to aggressively pursuing the best outcome possible for every client they work with.

Why Do I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney for a DUI?

Maryland is one of the states in the U.S. That assesses both administrative and criminal penalties when someone is charged with a DUI. This means that fines, license suspension, and imprisonment are all commonly assessed when a driver has been caught doing so under the influence. The MVA handles most of the administrative charges, but a criminal defense lawyer is necessary if you want to avoid harsher penalties for the criminal charges.