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How to create a child support budget in Carroll County, Maryland?

Creating, and following, a child support budget is crucial in Carroll County, Maryland.

Child support budget tips

If you’re receiving child support, it’s important that you handle the money properly.  Here are some child support budget tips:

Create a budget

It goes without saying that the first step is to create and stick to a budget.

Budgeting is about specifics: clothing, food, entertainment, etc.  If your budget is too general, then it’s easy to overspend.

Don’t spend the money on yourself

You absolutely must not spend child support money on yourself.

You don’t want your ex-spouse to find out that you are buying things for yourself and not your children.  If you are, then your ex-spouse can take you to court and ask for child support to be modified, or canceled.


Certain costs will always remain the same.  However, some costs change from month-to-month.  For example, medical bills are usually zero, but if your child catches the flu, then they can increase substantially.

Put some flexibility in your budget to account for this.

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It’s also important to remember that you may be able to ask for more child support in Maryland if there is a significant change in your circumstances.  But, it’s important to create and follow a child support budget.  That way you can show the Carroll County Circuit Court judge that your reasonable budget is not covered by child support.

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