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Baltimore City DUI CDL Can’t Plead Guilty to DUI

A Baltimore City DUI CDL is a very serious drunk driving case because of the ramifications it can have on your commercial driver’s license.  Many Maryland DUI Attorneys don’t know understand the complexities of a Baltimore City DUI CDL.  These drunk driving cases are not the same as cases where the driver does not have a CDL. 

The best legal topics comes from real leads who have questions about their case.  Today, I spoke to a Baltimore City DUI CDL lead who had a question about her Maryland CDL.

The lead has a Maryland CDL (commercial driver’s license) Class B.  She was pulled over for a Baltimore City DUI CDL while driving her personal vehicle.  The lead had a BAC of 0.19.

The lead was concerned about the effect a Maryland DWI would have on her Maryland CDL Class B.

Here’s where things get tricky.

It is imperative that the lead be found not guilty of Baltimore City DUI CDL in court.  If the lead is found guilty of the Baltimore DUI, then the lead’s CDL will be suspended for 1 year by the MVA.  If the lead is found guilty of the Baltimore DWI, then nothing should happen to her CDL.

As you can see, a Baltimore City DUI is a two-headed monster: the courts and the MVA.  In this lead’s case, the real issues are the ramifications of the MVA on her CDL.

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