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Auto Accident Lawsuit Defendant Served

An auto accident lawsuit gets the attention of the low-ball settlement insurance companies and their insured.

Surprise the Defendant with an Auto Accident Lawsuit

It always amazes the Law Office of Ross W. Albers when our client files a Maryland personal injury lawsuit and the defendant calls our office after being served.

First, the defendant wants to know why they are being sued?  Because, you broke the Maryland rules of the road and injured our client.

Second, the defendant asks why hasn’t this been settled?  Because, your insurance company hasn’t made a fair offer to our client?

Folks, when you get served with a Maryland personal injury lawsuit, call your insurance company and complained to them about getting sued.  You broke the Maryland rules of the road, not our client.  Your insurance company doesn’t want to settle, not our client.

Often times, after filing suit, especially with GEICO, your auto accident injury claim is sent to a senior adjuster with more settlement authority.  GEICO is notorious for low-ball settlement offers, until a lawsuit is filed.  Once their insured is served auto accident lawsuit, then GEICO starts offering fair and reasonable settlement money to our clients.

The Law Office of Ross W. Albers’ hope is that after every lawsuit, the defendant asks for our business card because they are impressed with the legal services we provided our Maryland personal injury client.

Contact the Law Office of Ross W. Albers for a Free Consultation

Westminster Auto Accident Attorney Ross W. Albers is former Maryland insurance adjuster for Travelers Insurance.  The Law Office of Ross W. Albers is located in Carroll County, Maryland and offers free consultations.  Evening/weekend appoints are available, too.  If an insurance company is low-balling car accident settlement, then consider hiring Westminster Personal Injury Attorney Ross W. Albers to file a lawsuit on your behalf.