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Carroll County Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents are often some of the most serious accidents on the road. Unlike cars and trucks that offer some protection during a collision, people who ride motorcycles have almost nothing save a helmet. If you or someone you know has been involved in a motorcycle accident in Carroll County, you’re going to need the help of a seasoned personal injury lawyer to help you secure the compensation you need to cover associated medical bills and other losses.

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Motorcycle Accidents Lead to Serious Losses

Because motorcycles do not have many protective measures for their riders, accidents are often very serious and even fatal. Some of the most common injuries that occur during these accidents include those of the head, neck, and spine which can lead to long-term disability, loss of employment, and other harrowing circumstances. In many cases, these serious personal injury cases can pose major challenges to the people involved due to the fact that insurance companies will likely employ Deny, Delay, Defend tactics to avoid paying out on your claim.

What Are Deny, Delay, Defend Tactics?

These are a set of tactics that insurance companies use to avoid paying out on their customers’ claims. They can be particularly difficult for people with serious injuries and newfound disabilities. Hiring a lawyer to work with you throughout this process can help substantially to ensure that your insurance company is not successful in denying you coverage.

Deny – The first thing they will try to do is deny your claim altogether on the basis of fine print and technicalities.

Delay – The second tactic insurance companies will use is to delay your case for as long as possible by offering low amounts to settle and forcing you to complete additional superfluous paperwork.

Defend – The final step that your insurance company will take is to defend their actions in court with a team of expert legal counsel.

Contributory Negligence Can Also Harm Your Case

The state of Maryland employs doctrine that states that injured parties that contributed to their own injuries through their own negligence cannot pursue damages with the people that harmed them. For example, if you are riding a motorcycle and you were speeding at the time of your accident, you cannot collect damages on the car that hit you even if they were also speeding. The Contributory Negligence doctrine makes it all the more important that you work with a lawyer on your case so that you aren’t left high and dry with serious injuries and a mountain of medical bills.

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