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DUI Attorney Ross Albers Quoted in Carroll County Times

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July 26, 2017

DUI Attorney Ross Albers was quoted in the Carroll County Times’ article on sentencing guidelines for a person who kills someone while driving under the influence of alcohol: “I think they [judges] do a good job of recognizing the different factors in a DUI case,” Albers said.

A recent Westminster case brought sentencing for DUI homicide to the public’s attention.  Michele Seibel received no active incarceration after she plead guilty last month to two counts of DUI homicide.

Under Maryland law, DUI homicide carries a maximum penalty of $5,000 and imprisonment up to five years for the first offense. A second offense bumps the maximum up to 10 years and $10,000. Homicide by motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol carries a maximum of three years on the first offense, five if it’s the second or more offense.

However, these are only guidelines and sentencing is decided by a judge.  There are no mandatory minimums for a DUI homicide case in Maryland.

In Carroll, district and circuit court judges look at the facts and considering both the victim’s family and the defendant.  They must balance the facts of the case against the defendant’s record.

But, how do you assign a number of years in jail to a person’s life?  It’s difficult.  However, “I think they [judges] do a good job of recognizing the different factors in a DUI case,” Albers said.

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