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The paperwork matters after a DUI guilty plea

Category: Maryland DUI,Maryland DWI
May 27, 2017

Working with an experienced DUI attorney on your case is very important.  Especially, when it comes to the small details. Our client was charged with driving under the influence in Carroll County, Maryland.  After reviewing their case, our client decided that a plea agreement was in their best interest.  Our client pled guilty and was […]


Tips for Hiring a Columbia, MD DUI Lawyer

Category: Maryland DUI
May 26, 2017

If you’re being presenting with a life-changing DUI case, you want the best possible representation in court. With having experience on both sides of the court-room as a Maryland Prosecutor, and a public defender, The Law Offices of Ross Albers knows what to look for when hiring a Columbia, MD DUI lawyer. Here are some […]


What kind of car insurance do you need?

Category: Maryland Car Accidents,Maryland Personal Injury
May 23, 2017

When purchasing car insurance you should strongly consider working with a local insurance agent.  Our office is happy to make a referral for you if you don’t know a local insurance agent. Your insurance agent can help you select the best insurance for your needs.  Here, is some basic information you should understand before selecting your car […]


The Elephant in the Room: PIP

Category: Maryland Car Accidents,Maryland Personal Injury
May 16, 2017

Insurance companies will do whatever it takes to delay, diminish and defend against your car accident claim.  Sometimes, they will even try to ignore the law. Recently, our office negotiated a settlement for an automobile accident case.  After our office countered the initial offer, the adjuster pointed out the “elephant in the room:” the fact that […]


Are Personal Injury Attorneys Sue Happy?

Category: Maryland Car Accidents,Maryland Personal Injury
May 15, 2017

Many automobile accident cases are referred to us by medical providers, like chiropractors, because their patients ask for a referral to personal injury attorney.  Often times, the patient’s accident occurred days, weeks or months ago.  For some reason, injured accident victims in Carroll County are shy about hiring a personal injury attorney. Our office always asks […]


Reducing chiropractic bills before settlement

Category: Maryland Car Accidents,Maryland Personal Injury
May 8, 2017

Many personal injury attorneys will ask chiropractors to reduce their outstanding medical bills to increase their client’s settlement.  Perhaps, attorneys should consider reducing their fee first, or fight for a larger settlement, before asking treating chiropractors to cut their bills. Chiropractors are small business owners Many of the chiropractors that our office works with are […]


What does a Personal Injury Case Involve?

Category: Maryland Car Accidents,Maryland Personal Injury
May 5, 2017

A personal injury case in Maryland involves a lengthy process, but this is why you have a personal injury lawyer to help you through it. In short, you will meet with your lawyer, begin the lawsuit, enter a discovery phase, there will be pre-trial resolutions, and then a possible settlement. If the settlement is not […]


How Long Will a Personal Injury Case Take?

Category: Maryland Car Accidents,Maryland Personal Injury
May 4, 2017

One of the most common questions our office gets asked about a client’s personal injury case is: How long will a personal injury case take? Like many answers to legal questions, it depends. Primarily, it depends on the extent of your injuries.  Most automobile accident cases involve minor soft tissue injuries that can take several […]


Drugged driving more common than drunken driving in fatal crashses

Category: Maryland Car Accidents,Maryland DUI,Maryland DWI
April 27, 2017

Statistics now show that drivers killed in car accidents are more likely to be on drugs than drunk. According to a report released by the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) and the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility, 43 percent of drivers tested in fatal crashes in 2015 had used a legal or illegal drug, while 37 percent […]


What to do if Injured in a Maryland Bicycle Accident

Category: Maryland Personal Injury
April 25, 2017

As the weather gets nicer, we will start to see more and more bicyclists out on the road. Sadly, this means we will also see a rise in bicycle-related accidents. If you or someone you know is injured in a bicycle accident in Maryland, it can be quite a shocking experience. Still, it’s important to […]


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