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Westminster Rogue and Vagabond Car Theft Scheme

Category: Maryland Criminal Defense
March 19, 2016

In addition to theft, a person can be charged with rogue and vagabond when they are arrested for stealing from a vehicle.

A recent string of thefts from vehicles in Carroll County, Maryland, has the Westminster Police Department reminding residents to lock their car doors.

Victims of rogue and vagabond thefts from their vehicle usually report that their cars were unlocked at the time.  Typically, GPS units, stereos, money, sunglasses and phones are stolen.

To be safe from car break-ins in Carroll County, the Westminster Police Department recommends locking your car doors and taking valuables inside your home.  If you keep valuables in your car, then they should be locked in your trunk.

What is rogue and vagabond?

Rogue and vagabond is a crime found under the Maryland criminal theft statute.

A person may not possess a burglar’s tool with the intent to use or allow the use of the burglar’s tool in the commission of a crime involving the breaking and entering of a motor vehicle.
A person may not be in or on the motor vehicle of another with the intent to commit theft of the motor vehicle or property that is in or on the motor vehicle.

What is the maximum penalty for rogue and vagabond in Maryland?

A person who violates the rogue and vagabond statute is guilty of a misdemeanor and is subject to imprisonment not exceeding 3 years.


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