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Can you transfer DUI probation to another county?

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October 26, 2015

Sometimes, a client needs to transfer DUI probation to the county they live in.

Transfer DUI Probation from Arresting County to Residing County

For example, a recent client received supervised probation for a DUI case in the eastern shore of Maryland.  The client was instructed to report to Parole and Probation after court.  The client is from Westminster, Carroll County, Maryland and was in Ocean City over the summer for vacation when he was arrested for DUI.  The client was very concerned about having to report to a probation officer on the eastern shore from Carroll County.

Luckily, Carroll County DUI Attorney Ross W. Albers was able to successfully argue to allow his client to transfer his probation to Carroll County, Maryland.

If you are found guilty or plead guilty to driving under the influence in a county you do not reside in, then your Maryland Drunk Driving Attorney should ask the court to transfer DUI probation to your county of residence.

Most, if not all courts, will accommodate this request, but it is important to have a DUI Attorney that knows to make the request.  Sometimes, probation officers won’t transfer a probation unless the court gives them permission.  I’ve run into this problem with clients that need to travel out of the state or out of the country.

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