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Carroll County Driving While Suspended MVA Error

Category: Maryland Traffic Tickets
August 27, 2015

As a former Baltimore City Assistant State’s Attorney, I understand a Carroll County driving while suspended case can create massive problems.  Now that I’m Westminster Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney, I get to help people defend and save their privilege to drive.

In order to be found guilty of driving while suspended, the State’s Attorney’s Office has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that a person established a privilege to drive, it was suspended and the person had knowledge of the suspension.

Sometimes, the MVA will make a clerical error and suspended a person’s driver’s license without them knowing.

My client was adamant that his license was not suspended.  So, I requested a certified copy of his Maryland driving record.  It turns out that the MVA made a clerical error and suspended my client’s license.

A MVA clerical error suspended my client’s license causing him to be issued a citation.  My client had to hire an attorney and take a day off work to come to court.  Finally, my client had to prove his innocence to the prosecutor!

Luckily, the Carroll County State’s Office is a great organization with friendly, but tough, prosecutors.  My Carroll County driving while suspended client was so happy that I was able to prove to the prosecutor that his license should not have been suspended.

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