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Will I be able to drive in Maryland for work after my MVA DUI hearing?

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May 18, 2015

I live in Delaware but got busted in Maryland for a DUI.  This was my first DUI.  My MVA hearing is coming up.  Can I get a restricted license so I can continue to work 2-3 times a week in Maryland?  The cops never took my license!

First, in order to quality for a work modification you must have a BAC of .08 – .14.  Secondly, the police never took your license because they do not confiscate out of state licenses, only Maryland driver’s licenses.

If you’re eligible for a work modification, then you’ll have to get a Maryland driver’s license in order to enforce the work modification.  The MVA can’t modify a Delaware license.

So, if you receive a work modification at your MVA hearing, but do not obtain a Maryland driver’s license, then your order for modification will be void after a set number of days and your license will be suspended for 45 days.

Therefore, after your MVA hearing if you receive an order for a work modification, you’ll need to take it to the MVA and get a Maryland driver’s license.  Then you’ll be able to drive in Maryland for 45 days for work purposes only and any other state without any restriction.

Additionally, in order to obtain the work modification you must bring proof of your employment and testify that you do not have access to public transportation.  You may also tell the administrative law judge that you need your license for medical appointments, alcohol treatment and probation reasons.

Its important to have an experience Maryland DUI/DWI Attorney present with you at your MVA hearing.  Contact Maryland DUI Attorney Ross W. Albers for a free consultation today!

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