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Request Trial Maryland Traffic Tickets

Category: Maryland Traffic Tickets
April 23, 2015

I received two Maryland traffic tickets: (1) speeding and (2) failure to avoid an accident.  I paid both tickets and now my license is being suspended!  Should I have requested a trial?

You should have requested a trial and not paid the tickets!  Always, request a trial for Maryland traffic tickets.  If you pay the tickets, then you are admitting guilt and the MVA will put points on your Maryland driving record.

There are a number of reasons why you should request a trial for your traffic tickets.

If the police officer does not appear, then your case will be dismissed.  If the police officer fails to produce the radar calibration certification records, then your traffic tickets will be dismissed.  

Sometimes the police officer didn’t observe the traffic violations, but wrote the tickets based on witness statements.  If the witness doesn’t appear, then your case will be dismissed.

Occasionally, the district court judge will reduce the severity of the traffic tickets to help you avoid points, pay a lesser fine or grant you a probation before judgment, which carries no MVA points.

These scenarios only apply if you request a trial and do not pay the tickets.

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